This article updated for 2020 shows you how to SEO the page title of your business homepage. Optimizing your homepage title for navigational and commercial searches will help potential customers find your company and the products and services you offer. Furthermore, we provide a step-by-step WordPress video tutorial for editing page titles. When you complete this essential SEO work, your website will have a higher chance of ranking in search engine results.

What is the Homepage?

The homepage is the front page of a website. In other words, when visitors first enter your website, the homepage is the first page they see. For example, this is the homepage for Rank Rise. Now that you know what’s a homepage, how do you search engine optimize (SEO) it?

Homepage SEO

Optimizing your homepage starts with placing the right keywords in your page title. Moreover, it involves SEO content writing – using these keywords in your headings and text. A smart SEO strategy is to choose keywords that will drive organic traffic to your site. So what homepage keywords should you use?

Where do page titles appear in search results?

When you optimize a homepage for navigational searches, people can find your business by searching your business name. For example, you want to navigate to Amazon so you type the search term “Amazon” into Google search. Here is the result of this search query.

The page title of is in the colored letters above: “ Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel …” The Amazon homepage search result title is the same as Amazon’s title tag, which appears in the source code of its homepage. Below is the title tag:

Google only displays 52 characters of Amazon’s full homepage title tag. So your homepage title needs to state what your business does using just a few specific words.

Page Titles Keywords for Business Homepage

The keywords you use on your business homepage depend on your type of business. If you have an eCommerce or national service company, we recommend the page title include your company name and a unique business offering (UBO). For example, the page title for our homepage is “Rank Rise SEO for business websites in the USA.” Rank Rise is the name of our company and SEO for business websites in the USA is our unique business offering.

If you have a local business, we recommend a page title that includes the following keywords: your company name, unique business offering, and a physical location. For example, a local fitness gym might have the title, “Contour Fitness is a group training and open gym in Palm Harbor, FL.”

By using your business name and unique business offering keywords in the home page title, you optimize the homepage for navigational and commercial searches. For example, more people who search for your business name will find your site. Moreover, people searching for your specific business offering will discover your company.

How to edit page title in WordPress

To enter a page title with basic WordPress editor, follow these steps:

  1. Login to WordPress admin
  2. Edit the page
  3. Enter the title (top of page)

How to edit page title with Elementor 

You may use a different WordPress page editor. We recommend the plugin, Elementor. To enter a page title with Elementor, follow these steps:

  1. Edit page with Elementor
  2. Click the gear icon for General Settings
  3. Enter the page title

SEO Page Title Length

SEO Page titles need to be brief. An optimized title is neither too short nor too long. There is an optimal number of characters in a page title so that it displays correctly on search engine result pages (SERPs). Furthermore, the optimum title length on desktop differs from mobile.

SEO Title Length for Desktop

SEO Page Title Length for Desktop

If you do Google searches, you will see the page title search results. From my experience, Google search results display titles that are approximately 55 characters. So the optimum page title length should be close to this character length or about 40 to 60 characters.

SEO title lenght for mobile

SEO Page Title Length of Mobile

Likewise, you can google searches on your mobile phone. When using the iPhone 7 plus, my experience shows Google is only displaying the domain name. For example, when I search Amazon, the page title is just “,” and when I search Apple, the page title result is “” Thus, the name of your business is only the page title you need for mobile.

SEO Service for WordPress Websites

Rank Rise offers SEO service for your WordPress website. We can optimize your homepage title for navigational and commercial searches, so your site gets more traffic for the products and services you offer. Call 1-813-368-1500 or request a quote.

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