The header is the top section of your business homepage. On most websites, this includes the company logo and navigation menu. However, Rank Rise recommends you also have a call to action and social media links. In this SEO homepage article, we will look at homepage headers from top businesses. When you finish reading this SEO article, you will have multiple header examples to improve your business website. So what exactly is the header of a homepage.

Header section hompage Rank Rise

This Rank Rise header is from the top of the Rank Rise homepage. At the very top, it contains our call to action: Speak with an SEO expert at 1-813-368-1500 and social media icons for Facebook and Youtube. Then it shows our Rank Rise logo and tagline Above the Competition. Finally, it displays a navigational menu of links. The Rank Rise header is a good example, but what are the header sections of top business websites?

Top Business Homepage Headers

One of the most profitable companies in the United States, Apple, has a very clean and minimalist header. 


Header section homepage Apple
Header section of Apple Homepage

Apple’s logo links to the homepage. Simplicity is removing redundancy. For example, the navigation menu does not need a “Home” link if the logo links to the same homepage. Thus, by removing the Home link, the design of the header section is simplified. You might consider using this minimalist design in your header section.

Furthermore, Apple’s homepage menu navigation gives you only seven links to choose: Mac, iPad, iPhone, Watch, TV, Music, and Support. A simple menu is easy to navigate. On the other hand, a menu that gives users too many menu options is complicated. You might consider designing your mFurthermore, Apple’s homepage menu navigation gives you only seven links to choose: Mac, iPad, iPhone, Watch, TV, Music, and Support. A simple menu is easy to navigate. On the other hand, a menu that gives users too many options can lead to confusion and indecision. Thus, limiting menu options to seven or less makes it easier for visitors to decide where to navigate. You may want to implement this navigation design into your page header.


The most popular social media network in the world based on the number of active users is Facebook.

most popluar social media network facebook

As of April 2020, Facebook has 2.49 billion active users worldwide. The total number of humans living on Earth is currently 7.8 billion. Thus, 32% of the world population or 1 out of 3 people on the planet use Facebook. With billions of users, Facebook makes it easy for users to log in.

Header section homepage Facebook

As shown above, the header section of Facebook’s homepage allows users to quickly login in by entering their username and password. entering their username and password. Business websites that sell anything need to have a way for customers to log in to their account. Thus, businesses need a menu link in their page header for customers to log in and view their account information. The online store with the biggest selection on Earth has a “Sign in” menu link in its page header.


As of December 2019, reports, an estimated 112 million U.S. Amazon Prime subscribers. The total U.S. population on May 10, 2020 according to is 329 million. Thus, 34% of the total U.S. population are Amazon Prime members. In other words, 1 out of 3 American consumers shop online at Amazon. The 2019 Fortune 500 ranks Amazon as having the fifth highest revenue of all U.S. companies at 232 billion.

Fortune 500 top 5 companies
Top 5 companies on the 2019 Fortune 500

Walmart vs. Amazon

The Fortune 500 ranking shows Walmart with the most revenue of all U.S. companies in 2019. Walmart has more than twice the total sales of Amazon at 514 billion. However, Amazon, with less than half the revenue of Walmart, is more than 3 billion more profitable. Thus, the retail e-commerce business of Amazon produces more net income (profits) than Walmart. So how does the header section of Amazon compare to Walmart?

Header section homepage Amazon
header section homepage walmart

Amazon and Walmart’s homepage header sections have a very similar design. Both use a prominent product search bar with a drop-down menu. Likewise, both have account logins and cart icons. However, Walmart header section is more minimalist like Apple’s header section. I would advise Walmart to add a few links above the search bar, such as Bestseller, New Release, and Rollback. Conversely, I would advise Amazon to remove some of the links in the header section because it looks overcrowded and messy.

Header Section Homepage Takeaways

This SEO article shows multiple header section homepage examples from Rank Rise, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Walmart. Using an optimized header section can improve your user’s experience making it easier for visitors to find the content they want. The following are the top header section homepage takeaways:

  • Many businesses want customers to call them. Thus, having a “call to action” that includes your phone number can lead to more customer calls. For example, “Speak with an SEO Expert at 813-368-1500.”
  • Seven menu links in your homepage header section are optimal.
  • For businesses that sell online, use a login link so customers can access their account information.

Get Help Optimizing Your Header Section

Rank Rise can optimize the header section of your homepage. Moreover, we can customize a different header section for the main parts of your website. For example, Apple’s site uses a header section with unique product navigation icons for each main product line. For instance, the Mac header section includes these product navigation icons:

Header section Apple Mac

Apple is the most profitable company in the Fortune 500, with over 59 billion in annual profits in 2019. Rank Rise can implement an Apple minimalist design header section for your site. Call Rank Rise at 813-368-1500 or request a quote.

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