Header Section of Business Homepage

The header is the top section of your business homepage. On most websites, this includes the company logo and navigation menu. However, Rank Rise recommends you also have a call to action and social media links. In this SEO homepage article, we will look at homepage headers from top businesses. When you finish reading this SEO article, you will have multiple header examples to improve your business website. So what exactly is the header of a homepage.

Header section hompage Rank Rise

This Rank Rise header is from the top of the Rank Rise homepage. At the very top, it contains our call to action: Speak with an SEO expert at 1-813-368-1500 and social media icons for Facebook and Youtube. Then it shows our Rank Rise logo and tagline Above the Competition. Finally, it displays a navigational menu of links. The Rank Rise header is a good example, but what are the header sections of top business websites?

Top Business Homepage Headers

One of the most profitable companies in the United States, Apple, has a very clean and minimalist header. 


Header section homepage Apple
Header section of Apple Homepage

Apple’s logo links to the homepage. Simplicity is removing redundancy. For example, the navigation menu does not need a “Home” link if the logo links to the same homepage. Thus, by removing the Home link, the design of the header section is simplified. You might consider using this minimalist design in your header section.

Furthermore, Apple’s homepage menu navigation gives you only seven links to choose: Mac, iPad, iPhone, Watch, TV, Music, and Support. A simple menu is easy to navigate. On the other hand, a menu that gives users too many menu options is complicated. You might consider designing your mFurthermore, Apple’s homepage menu navigation gives you only seven links to choose: Mac, iPad, iPhone, Watch, TV, Music, and Support. A simple menu is easy to navigate. On the other hand, a menu that gives users too many options can lead to confusion and indecision. Thus, limiting menu options to seven or less makes it easier for visitors to decide where to navigate. You may want to implement this navigation design into your page header.


The most popular social media network in the world based on the number of active users is Facebook.

most popluar social media network facebook

As of April 2020, Facebook has 2.49 billion active users worldwide. The total number of humans living on Earth is currently 7.8 billion. Thus, 32% of the world population or 1 out of 3 people on the planet use Facebook. With billions of users, Facebook makes it easy for users to log in.

Header section homepage Facebook

As shown above, the header section of Facebook’s homepage allows users to quickly login in by entering their username and password. entering their username and password. Business websites that sell anything need to have a way for customers to log in to their account. Thus, businesses need a menu link in their page header for customers to log in and view their account information. The online store with the biggest selection on Earth has a “Sign in” menu link in its page header.


As of December 2019, statista.com reports, an estimated 112 million U.S. Amazon Prime subscribers. The total U.S. population on May 10, 2020 according to Census.gov is 329 million. Thus, 34% of the total U.S. population are Amazon Prime members. In other words, 1 out of 3 American consumers shop online at Amazon. The 2019 Fortune 500 ranks Amazon as having the fifth highest revenue of all U.S. companies at 232 billion.

Fortune 500 top 5 companies
Top 5 companies on the 2019 Fortune 500

Walmart vs. Amazon

The Fortune 500 ranking shows Walmart with the most revenue of all U.S. companies in 2019. Walmart has more than twice the total sales of Amazon at 514 billion. However, Amazon, with less than half the revenue of Walmart, is more than 3 billion more profitable. Thus, the retail e-commerce business of Amazon produces more net income (profits) than Walmart. So how does the header section of Amazon compare to Walmart?

Header section homepage Amazon
header section homepage walmart

Amazon and Walmart’s homepage header sections have a very similar design. Both use a prominent product search bar with a drop-down menu. Likewise, both have account logins and cart icons. However, Walmart header section is more minimalist like Apple’s header section. I would advise Walmart to add a few links above the search bar, such as Bestseller, New Release, and Rollback. Conversely, I would advise Amazon to remove some of the links in the header section because it looks overcrowded and messy.

Header Section Homepage Takeaways

This SEO article shows multiple header section homepage examples from Rank Rise, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Walmart. Using an optimized header section can improve your user’s experience making it easier for visitors to find the content they want. The following are the top header section homepage takeaways:

  • Many businesses want customers to call them. Thus, having a “call to action” that includes your phone number can lead to more customer calls. For example, “Speak with an SEO Expert at 813-368-1500.”
  • Seven menu links in your homepage header section are optimal.
  • For businesses that sell online, use a login link so customers can access their account information.

Get Help Optimizing Your Header Section

Rank Rise can optimize the header section of your homepage. Moreover, we can customize a different header section for the main parts of your website. For example, Apple’s site uses a header section with unique product navigation icons for each main product line. For instance, the Mac header section includes these product navigation icons:

Header section Apple Mac

Apple is the most profitable company in the Fortune 500, with over 59 billion in annual profits in 2019. Rank Rise can implement an Apple minimalist design header section for your site. Call Rank Rise at 813-368-1500 or request a quote.

SEO Content Writing for Business Hompage

When you look at the most successful business websites that rank high on Google, they have one thing in common. The pages that reach the top search results know how to use SEO headers when writing content. This article explains the primary header and how to use it to rank higher on Google.

SEO Headers

A critical way to search engine optimize (SEO) content is by writing headers (headings) that engage your audience. SEO headers have a hierarchal organization. In other words, the SEO importance of headers from most important to least important is as follows:

  • H1 (most important)
  • H2
  • H3
  • H4
  • H5
  • H6 (least important)

H1 Header SEO

The h1 header has the most weight on SEO page ranking. It is the primary header for ranking higher on Google. As a result, the keywords you put into the h1 header will significantly influence how the page ranks. So what does an h1 header look in HTML?

SEO content writing h1 header

The HTML above is the h1 header on the Rank Rise homepage. The keywords we optimized for are our business name “Rank Rise” and what we offer “SEO for business.” For your business homepage, the h1 heading should include your business name and what your business offers. 

How to write h1 header in blog posts?

When you write a blog post using the block editor in WordPress, the blog title becomes the h1 header. For example, by typing the title of the post, you are creating the h1 header. However, this is not the case when you type a title on a page.

How to write h1 header on pages?

Writing a page title is different from a blog title. For example, typing the page title does not create the h1 header. Furthermore, the WordPress block editor heading defaults does not include h1. Thus, you will need to convert the h2 header to HTML and manually change the header tags to h1. Moreover, make sure your page only has a single h1 for the best SEO optimization.

Why is one h1 header best?

Business competition is fierce. Many businesses are competing for similar keywords, so having a single h1 header makes the keywords contained in the header more significant. Conversely, having more than one h1 would weaken the importance of the header keywords. For example, when Google evaluates a page with two h1 headers, the keywords of each header is half as strong in comparison to a single h1 header. 

Thus, Rank Rise recommends only using one h1 header on any page or blog post. Our optimized h1 headers increase the SEO ranking of your pages and posts, so your business gets targeted organic traffic. Call Rank Rise at 813-368-1500, so we can start optimizing your website. Now that you know how to use the h1 headers, what keywords go into your h1 header and why?

Writing SEO Headings for your Business Homepage

The most significant SEO keyphrase for a business homepage is your business name and should appear in the first heading. You want people who search for your business name to find your site. When you optimize your homepage with your business name, you have a better chance of ranking on search engines for this keyphrase. By SEO ranking for your business name, your website will get more relevant traffic from people searching for your business. Now that you know to include your business name in the first heading, how do you write an engaging headline that your audience wants to read?

Engaging Headline examples for your Business Homepage

To write an engaging headline for your business homepage, ask yourself, what do you want your customers to feel? For example, how do your customers feel when they receive the benefits of your product or service? Make sure this feeling accurately reflects the real emotion of your customer. The headline should be an honest statement that speaks the truth about your business. Now that you identified your customer’s emotional response to your business, how can you connect this feeling with a unique selling point?

A well-written, engaging headline connects with your audience and entices them to continue reading. A headline on the homepage of The New Yorker touches the hearts of readers and shows you they care.

The New Yorker headline

The headline shows The New Yorker values people over profits. Thus, it announces Coronavirus news is free for all readers. The headline creates a feeling of goodwill and compassion in the hearts of its readers. 

However, writing a headline with an eye-opening statistic can draw the attention of your audience. Yahoo News uses this approach with the headline: Global death toll tops 200,000.

Yahoo News Headline

Does your business or industry have any astonishing or surprising statistics you can use in a headline? It does not have to be a number. Maybe it’s a fact unknown to most people outside your business or industry. This type of headline can get your audience interested and wanting more information.

Another highly effective type of headline is called the Hero Title. You position it at the top center of your homepage. Rank Rise recommends you use high contrast design, so the letters jump off the page and are easy for your audience to read. The company Netflix uses the Hero Title on its homepage.

Netflix headline

In this headline example, Netflix focuses on the benefits of its service. What are the primary customer advantages of your business? In other words, what do you offer that benefits your customers the most? Put these benefits into a headline on your homepage.

Critical Takeaways for SEO Content Writing

First of all, make sure you use heading when writing SEO content. When using heading following these guidelines:

  • For blog posts, when you write the title, it becomes the h1 heading
  • When writing pages, you need to select the h1 header to write one
  • To optimize your content only use one h1 heading
  • Use your business name as keywords in your primary (h1) heading
  • Write engaging headlines that touch the hearts and minds of your readers
  • Write headlines on the benefits you offer to customers 

Need help writing SEO content? Call Rank Rise at 813-358-1500 or Request Quote

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Page Speed SEO for Busines Hompage

Why your business needs page speed SEO

Your business homepage is one of the most visited pages on your site and needs a fast loading speed – it needs page speed SEO. You will learn why page speed is critical for ranking on Google, get mobile speed tests results of top US business homepages, and understand the effects of slow page loading.

Furthermore, you will learn what slows your homepage load time and how you can improve mobile homepage load speed. In the end, your business can rank higher on Google by optimizing the page speed of your homepage. 

What is page speed optimization?

Page speed optimization is the process of increasing page loading speed. For example, a homepage that has many images will have a slower loading time. Page speed is measured by the type of device that loads a web page. Primarily, page speed is optimized for desktop and mobile devices. To understand which device is most important for ranking on Google, you need to know a brief history of Google search.

A Brief History of Google Search

On December 18, 2017, Google announced it would use the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking. Why? To better serve Google’s primarily mobile users. Thus, it’s critically important you have a responsive web design that correctly displays content for mobile devices. 

On July 9, 2018, Google is now rolling out for all users “page speed as a ranking factor for mobile searches.” Google’s “Speed Update” will only affect pages that deliver the slowest experience to users. Thus, if you want to rank on mobile searches, you need to avoid a slow loading homepage on mobile.

The Importance of Mobile Search

The graph below shows the mobile share of organic search engine visits in the US is 58% as of the 4th quarter of 2019.

Page Speed SEO mobile organic search

In the third quarter of 2013, the mobile share was just 27%. Then three years later, it almost doubled to 48%. The mobile share peaked in the third quarter of 2019 at 60%. Thus, over six years, the mobile share of organic search engine visits more than doubled. In 2020, a high percentage of mobile searches makes mobile page speed essential.

Mobile Speed Test

You can test the mobile speed of your web pages at PageSpeed Insights. Just enter your web page URL and click analyze button. The graphic below shows the mobile speed of Amazon.com is 65.

Page Speed SEO mobile speed test

Amazon.com’s mobile page speed is faster than Walmart.com, which has a slow page speed of 40. Apple.com is even worst with a speed of 30. Apple site is all about showcasing its products, such as the new iPhone. Thus, Apple’s website contains lots of graphics that slow loading speed on mobile.

However, a competitor of Apple is Fitbit.com. Their mobile page speed is even worse at just 16. One of the issues that slow down this homepage, according to PageSpeed Insights, is redirects. Fitbit.com redirected the homepage to Fitbit.com/us/home. For faster page loading, do not use redirects on your homepage.

So how does Rank Rise mobile page speed compare to these Fortune 500 companies? The Rank Rise mobile homepage loads faster then Walmart, Apple, and Fitbit at a speed of 51. What’s your mobile page speed? Next, we will find out what affects the page load speed.

Page Load Speed and Bounce Rate

Page load speed is directly affected by the megabytes of the web page. For example, a homepage with lots of graphics will contain more megabytes and load slower. Conversely, a homepage with fewer graphics and mostly text will have lower megabytes and load faster.

The “Homepages in Megabytes” graph below (data from webpagetest.org).

Homepage in megabytes

In the graph above, Amazon Walmart and Apple all have homepages with about 2 Megabytes. Amazon has the fastest page load speed. Webpagetest.org reports Walmart fails to compress images. Apple fails at cache static content, as does Fitbit. Moreover, the Fitbit homepage is more than double the page weight at a whopping 4.6 Megabytes. Consequently, the Fitbit homepage has the slowest page load speed.

The longer it takes for your homepage to load, the higher the bounce rate. So it is critical you keep your homepage file size down for faster page speed. Rank Rise mobile homepage file size in only 729 KB. That’s less than 1 MB. As a result, Rank Rise mobile homepages loads in 2.7 seconds according to webpagetest.org. When you have a fast loading homepage, you keep your bounce rate low.

What is Bounce Rate?

A bounce rate is the percentage of people who visit a web page and then leave, or “bounce” rather than clicking a link on your page. The bounce rate is either the result of a slow loading page or poor content. At Rank Rise, we optimize page loading speed, so your page delivers a good visitor experience. Moreover, Content Writing SEO at Rank Rise provides relevant information to your visitors and answers to their questions. 

To provide the best user experience, you want to lower your bounce rate. You do this by optimizing page loading speed and writing high-quality content. Rank Rise offers both of these essential SEO services. Speak to an SEO expert at 813-368-1500 or request a quote

The Effects of Slow Page Load Speed 

First, slow loading pages, especially on mobile, will kill your chance of ranking on Google. Second, visitors will either bounce or wait. However, users who wait for slow pages to load will lose confidence in your site and not buy your product or service. 

In other words, slow loading pages causes you to lose organic traffic and sales. Page speed is a big deal. It can be the difference between business success and failure. Thus, you need to optimize your pages so that they do not load slowly on mobile. 

What Slows homepage load time?

The more images on your homepage, the slower it will load. Furthermore, a photo with a large file size (kilobytes) will also load slower. Moreover, if you link to an image on someone else’s site, it may fail to load and show a broken image on your site or take longer to load. Therefore, Rank Rise recommends you upload all images to your website and not link to photos on other people’s websites.  

Other web page media types include audio and video. When you add audio or video to your homepage, it will slow load time. For your mobile homepage, Rank Rise recommends high-quality, well-written text and no photos, no audio, and no video. 

How to improve Homepage speed on mobile

We will show you how to hide an audio player and large photo, so it is not visible on your mobile homepage. Likewise, you can hide other types of media with large file sizes such as a slider with multiple photos. When you hide these types of media, your mobile homepage will load faster. 

Hiding Audio on Mobile Homepage

Audio Player (play music)

To optimize your mobile homepage, use the advanced setting in your WordPress page builder. For example, inside Elementor you click on audio player, then click the Advanced gear icon. Then you open the Responsive tab and select “Hide On Mobile.” After you update the change, the audio player will not be visible on mobile.

Hiding Photo on Mobile Homepage

Page Speed SEO hide photo on mobile

To optimize photos on your mobile homepage, hide large photos. Inside the Elementor page builder, click on a large photo, then click the Advanced gear icon. Then click the Responsive tab and select “Hide On Mobile.” When you update the change, the image will not be visible on mobile.

Page Speed SEO for Your Business Homepage

To optimize the page speed of your business homepage, Rank Rise recommends you avoid the “one-page” website because it’s long, typically has large file size, and loads slow. It is better to design a homepage with two to three sections. The Rank Rise mobile homepage has two text sections. The Rank Rise desktop homepage has the following three parts:

  1. Intro with a large photo, audio, and text
  2. Body with only text
  3. Blog with images and text

Rank Rise mobile homepage has a page speed of 53 on PageSpeed Insights. Moreover, our desktop homepage has a page speed of 82. If you want similar page speed, then design your homepage accordingly.

Page Speed SEO Takeaways

Here are some of the essential takeaways of Page Speed SEO:

  • Make sure you have a responsive website that displays well on mobile 
  • To rank on Google, you need to optimize your page loading speed especially on mobile
  • Hide photos, audio, and video on your mobile homepage for faster page speed
  • Keep your homepage file size down for a fast loading speed

Rank Rise can help you optimize your business homepage. We can help make sure your website is responsive and displays well on mobile. We can increase the page speed of your mobile homepage so it ranks higher on Google and gets more organic traffic.

Get Help with Page Speed SEO

Rank Rise can help improve the page speed of your business website. Call an SEO expert at 813-368-1500 or request a quote.

Now is an excellent time to learn more about business homepage Meta Descriptions and SEO Page Title.

Homepage Meta Description For Business

In this SEO article for businesses, we will look at the homepage meta description from top companies in the USA. First, we will explain the basics of the homepage meta description.

What is a Meta Description?

The meta description is HMTL code added to a head section of a web page. Essentially, the meta description provides search engines like Google with a summary of the web page. However, for SEO professionals at Rank Rise, the meta description is an opportunity to write copywriting that drives traffic to your web page.

When you search on Google, the “search engine results page” (SERP) shows you a list of top web pages, videos, and other information. The search results may include your meta description. However, Google may use the content of your page to create a more relevant description based on the search query as shown in the following example.

Meta Description Example

German Shorthaired Pointer Juilet
My German Shorthaired Pointer named Juliet.

When searching the term “German Shorthaired Pointer” on Google, it shows the following result:

homepage meta description

The Blue text is the title of the web page. Under the title, Google generates the description in black colored text. Thus, Google does not use the actual meta description on this page. When opening the page source code, the meta description below does not match Google’s search result above.

homepage meta description html

However, in other cases, Google may use your meta description. Thus, it is an SEO best practice to write a meta description that accurately reflects the contents of the page. Moreover, you should write a unique meta description for each page. So what’s the optimal length for a meta description?

Optimized Meta Description Length

In 2020, an optimized meta description length is between 121 and 155 characters. The maximum meta description character limit displayed in Google’s search results is 155 characters. So how can you easily check the number of characters in your meta description?

You can quickly check character length at easywordcount.com. Just copy and paste your meta description into the box for an instant character count. The SEO professionals at Rank Rise use Yoast SEO WordPress plugin, which gives users a visual indication to optimize the meta description length. So now that you know how to write an optimized meta description, let’s look at some homepage examples from top businesses.

Homepage Meta Descriptions of Top Companies in USA

Google Meta Description

Google Homepage Meta Description

The biggest website with the most number of users in the United States is Google. So what is the meta description of Google’s homepage?

Here’s Google meta description HTML tag:

google meta description html

Google switches up the HTML code putting the name=”description” at the end of the tag instead of the beginning. Why? I’m not sure, but it made it harder for me to identify it. Google’s writes the meta description using active verbs “search” and “help.”

The meta description accurately describes what you can search on Google, including “webpages, images, videos, and more.” Furthermore, it suggests “special features” and states the primary benefit of using Google search “to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.”

Facebook Meta Description

Facebook Homepage Meta Description

Another huge Internet company is Facebook. What is the meta description of the biggest social media company in the USA?

Here’s Facebook’s meta description HTML tag:

facebook meta description html

Just like Google, Facebook also uses active verbs in its meta description: “create, connect, share, send, and get.” Likewise, Facebook’s meta description accurately describes what you do on their homepage “create an account or log into Facebook.” Moreover, once you create an account or login, it accurately describes the services it offers, which includes: “connect with friends, family and other people you know. Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates.”

Amazon Meta Description

amazon homepage meta description

The biggest e-commerce store in the United States is Amazon.com. So what is the meta description on their homepage?

amazon meta description html

Amazon meta description is 305 characters long. On January 31, 2020, Amazon valued at $1 trillion still got the meta description wrong. The meta description max length is 155 characters. If a company as big as Amazon can get SEO wrong, then don’t “feel bad” about your business needing SEO service.

Amazon is the “everything store” that fulfills e-commerce orders. The meta description accurately states Amazon’s unique business offerings: “Free delivery on millions of items with Prime. Low prices across earth’s biggest selection of (everything).”

The beauty of Amazon is seller competition naturally drives prices down. Moreover, with over 150 million Prime paid members in 2020, it delivers more than half of all Amazon packages in the US! Furthermore, The Verge says it may soon end relationships with FedEx and UPS. Thus, Amazon’s meta description of offering earth’s largest selection of everything is accurate by my estimation.

Apple Meta Description

Apple hompage meta description

The innovative Apple is a top company even after the passing of its founder Steve Jobs. The homepage of Apple.com has the following meta description:

Apple’s meta description uses the active verbs: “discover, shop, and explore.” The now-deceased Steve Jobs pushed Apple’s innovation. Since Job’s death on October 5, 2011, what has Apple innovated? In the last nine years, Apple’s new products are Apple Watch (success), AirPods (success), and HomePod (fail). So Apple’s meta description accurately describes the “innovative world of Apple.”

Moreover, you can buy apple products at apple.com, including “iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and Apple TV.” Apple’s meta description accurately states you can “shop” for these products.

Furthermore, you can “explore” the following: “accessories like AirPods, entertainment, and expert device support.” Thus, Apple’s meta description accurately describes all the offerings at apple.com. Well done, Apple!

How to Craft the Perfect Homepage Meta Description

The perfect homepage meta description has two essential elements. First, it summaries the actual content searchers will find when they visit your page. Second, you give a compelling reason for a searcher to click your page title and visit your page. 

Can you write a meta description that motivates searchers to click through to your page? Maybe you can figure it out, or perhaps you need the SEO copywriting expertise of Rank Rise. You are welcome to give us a call at 1-813-368-1500 or request a quote.

In general, a well-written homepage meta description will mirror the words in your homepage title. Moreover, it will end with a call to action. For example, “Find out more or Learn more or Get it now or Download for free.” These are reasons for searchers to take action now. 

Meta description Takeaways

The major homepage meta description takeaways are:

  • You should write a unique meta description for every page
  • Use active verbs in your meta description
  • Accurately describe the services and products you offer
  • Give motivating reasons to take immediate action

Need help writing your meta description, call Rank Rise at 813-368-1500.

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Homepage SEO Page Title For Business (Updated 2020)

This article updated for 2020 shows you how to SEO the page title of your business homepage. Optimizing your homepage title for navigational and commercial searches will help potential customers find your company and the products and services you offer. Furthermore, we provide a step-by-step WordPress video tutorial for editing page titles. When you complete this essential SEO work, your website will have a higher chance of ranking in search engine results.

What is the Homepage?

The homepage is the front page of a website. In other words, when visitors first enter your website, the homepage is the first page they see. For example, this is the homepage for Rank Rise. Now that you know what’s a homepage, how do you search engine optimize (SEO) it?

Homepage SEO

Optimizing your homepage starts with placing the right keywords in your page title. Moreover, it involves SEO content writing – using these keywords in your headings and text. A smart SEO strategy is to choose keywords that will drive organic traffic to your site. So what homepage keywords should you use?

Where do page titles appear in search results?

When you optimize a homepage for navigational searches, people can find your business by searching your business name. For example, you want to navigate to Amazon so you type the search term “Amazon” into Google search. Here is the result of this search query.

The page title of Amazon.com is in the colored letters above: “Amazon.com: Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel …” The Amazon homepage search result title is the same as Amazon’s title tag, which appears in the source code of its homepage. Below is the title tag:

Google only displays 52 characters of Amazon’s full homepage title tag. So your homepage title needs to state what your business does using just a few specific words.

Page Titles Keywords for Business Homepage

The keywords you use on your business homepage depend on your type of business. If you have an eCommerce or national service company, we recommend the page title include your company name and a unique business offering (UBO). For example, the page title for our homepage is “Rank Rise SEO for business websites in the USA.” Rank Rise is the name of our company and SEO for business websites in the USA is our unique business offering.

If you have a local business, we recommend a page title that includes the following keywords: your company name, unique business offering, and a physical location. For example, a local fitness gym might have the title, “Contour Fitness is a group training and open gym in Palm Harbor, FL.”

By using your business name and unique business offering keywords in the home page title, you optimize the homepage for navigational and commercial searches. For example, more people who search for your business name will find your site. Moreover, people searching for your specific business offering will discover your company.

How to edit page title in WordPress

To enter a page title with basic WordPress editor, follow these steps:

  1. Login to WordPress admin
  2. Edit the page
  3. Enter the title (top of page)

How to edit page title with Elementor 

You may use a different WordPress page editor. We recommend the plugin, Elementor. To enter a page title with Elementor, follow these steps:

  1. Edit page with Elementor
  2. Click the gear icon for General Settings
  3. Enter the page title

SEO Page Title Length

SEO Page titles need to be brief. An optimized title is neither too short nor too long. There is an optimal number of characters in a page title so that it displays correctly on search engine result pages (SERPs). Furthermore, the optimum title length on desktop differs from mobile.

SEO Title Length for Desktop

SEO Page Title Length for Desktop

If you do Google searches, you will see the page title search results. From my experience, Google search results display titles that are approximately 55 characters. So the optimum page title length should be close to this character length or about 40 to 60 characters.

SEO title lenght for mobile

SEO Page Title Length of Mobile

Likewise, you can google searches on your mobile phone. When using the iPhone 7 plus, my experience shows Google is only displaying the domain name. For example, when I search Amazon, the page title is just “Amazon.com,” and when I search Apple, the page title result is “Apple.com.” Thus, the name of your business is only the page title you need for mobile.

SEO Service for WordPress Websites

Rank Rise offers SEO service for your WordPress website. We can optimize your homepage title for navigational and commercial searches, so your site gets more traffic for the products and services you offer. Call 1-813-368-1500 or request a quote.

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